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You use your bank almost every day
We believe it should be a simple
and beautiful experience.

  • Credit Card

    MasterCard Gold
    debit card

  • Dollars

    Cash back

  • Money Transfer

    Simple money exchanges between friends

  • Iphone

    mobile app

  • Telephone

    5000+ Free ATMs

Download the Instabank app, get free virtual card and try Instabank's main features right now!

Order the Instabank
debit card from the
app and we will deliver
it for free!

Credit Card

Instabank MasterCard


You get a virtual card as soon as you download the Instabank app

  • Instant registration - no
    documents needed
  • You can send money to friends,
    pay for services and shop online
  • Free card refill from other
    bank cards

Instabank MasterCard GOLD

Debit card

You can order a debit card from the Instabank app

  • Cash back for purchases
  • Over 5,000 free ATMs
  • Free card refill from
    other bank cards

Simple money exchanges between friends

Sending money to friends

Sending money to friends is as easy as sending a text - even
if they're not with Instabank. No fees, no hassle.

Requesting money

Use the "request money" and "split bill" features
to send your friends actionable reminders to cover
their share of a purchase you made.

Your bank statement

Future timeline

See your bank statement as a timeline. All purchases have a
friendly description, and transfers and requests have your
friends' faces, chats and photos.


Use Instabank to buy stuff or pay for services. You will receive
instant notifications and see descriptive event summaries in your
activity stream.

Purchases and transfers in details

Each purchase made using an Instabank card turns into a detailed story with a photo, your comment and location via foursqare.

Clear analytics


All your expenses are automatically arranged into categories that
can be easily configured manually.

Spending charts

You always know when and where your money went.

Credit Card
Download the app, get the card and
experience a new kind of mobile banking
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Roman Potemkin

Today's traditional banking market is being
targeted by all kinds of financial startups.
PayPal seeks to dominate the payments
and transfers niche; Square and similar
companies look to take over POS acquiring;
LendingClub is trying to disrupt the loans
marketplace. Instabank, unlike those
companies, exists as a layer on top of an
existing infrastructure of its partner bank,
which allows traditional banks to solidify
their share of the increasingly competitive

Roman Potemkin,
CEO Instabank

Instabank is an Irish company registered
in Dublin.

We chose Russia to be the first market
where we launched our product, and we're
ready to scale our experience to other
markets. We are open to partnership

Our experience:
Instabank aggregates our expertise and
rich experience in mobile banking solution
development. Before we came up with the
beautiful Instabank, we successfully
completed a number of projects at
our parent company, iDA Mobile.

The Next Web

Russian iPhone users can now
experiment with social banking -
an entirely new concept in the
country - thanks to an app
launched last month by
Instabank. The iPhone app
allows clients to transfer
money to Facebook friends
who also use Instabank, get
notifications of new account
activity, and add geotags and
photos to their transactions.

Venture Village

So it's with interest we hear
about an intriguing new
mobile banking service.
The name ? Instabank. The
country of origin and
activity ? The company is still
in private beta and will test
its model in Russia but also
hopes to expand to the US,
the UK and China.


Instabank won a start-up
competition at the Silicon
Valley Meets Russia
international conference.
Sberbank Russia was the
official sponsor of the
conference, and Silicon
Valley Bank was aslo a
sponsor and a partner.